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An immersive experience in Blockchain domains and their applications in industries and businesses with Taras Capital

What Will You Learn?
  • Understanding Blockchain and its potential applications
  • Implementing Blockchain in existing business models
  • Bulding your own Blockchain concept
Main partner
Co-Founder of the Hooklabs Systematic Digital Asset Management
President of the non-profit Crypto World Zug Association
Founder and economist at Economics Design
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Future date
800 €
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Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have been on a roller-coaster ride, culminating in a parabolic price rally in 2017. Now, cryptocurrencies are on their way towards mass adoption and evermore organizations are exploring how to incorporate blockchain into existing strategies, as well as the exciting potential of its use in various industries.

In these bootcamps with Taras Capital, a global Digital Asset Management Firm with the aim to bring together Entrepreneurial and Digital Asset Management expertise, you’ll understand and explore the applications and potential of Blockchain Technology and its relevance for the specific use case that the asset is designed for. The aim is to discover where the Blockchain Technology could be applied in other industries acting upon the forces behind macro and micro market cycles.

We will teach you how to evaluate Blockchain concepts and use cases, and how to use theoretical framework and data – off-chain as well as on-chain fundamentals – to assess relative over-/undervaluation in the market.

Course Features

What is a Blockchain
What is a Distributed Ledger (DLT)
Token issuance, markets (primary and secondary) and their inner workings
Use cases overview
Business Model (high level costs, requirements and things to consider)
Centralization vs. Decentralization for your concept

Course’s Schedule

Understanding Blockchain, Distributed Ledgers and their potential applications
  • Blockchain and Bitcoin History
  • What is a Blockchain
  • What are the characteristics of a Blockchain and how does it compare to other ledger systems
  • What is a Distributed Ledger (DLT)
  • Is a token needed? Discover the role of a token
  • Token issuance, markets (primary and secondary) and their inner workings
Implementing Blockchain or Distributed Ledger (DLT) in existing business models
  • Blockchain Ecosystem
  • Use cases overview
  • Evaluating use cases with rationality
  • Implementation Process
Building your own Blockchain concept
  • Business Model (high level costs, requirements and things to consider)
  • Evaluating solutions
  • Centralization vs. Decentralization for your concept
  • Getting Started

This course is ideal for...

This workshop is designed for anyone managing a business, an opportunity for Business Managers and Executives to understand concepts and business applicability of Blockchain.

We encourage participants from all disciplines and functions, both technical and non-technical.

Not IT skills are required but participants will be expected to bring a critical, analytical, curious and collaborative mind.

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