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Filippo Cuttica

UX Principal for Ethical Experiences at the BBC and Co-Founder of art group IOCOSE

CIID alumnus Filippo Cuttica is a designer and artist based in London, UK. With a foot in the world of Speculative Design and Art Research, and the other in UX Design, Strategy and Creative Leadership, Filippo loves to mix reflection with innovation, helping organisations entering the future in a bold and sustainable way.

He is currently UX Principal for Ethical and Cultural Experiences at the BBC, helping the company building futures that are both exciting and desirable. Previous to this role, Filippo wore the shoes of Creative Director for BBC Sounds, and of Design Lead in BBC iPlayer. Before that he was divided between the consultancy and start-up worlds.

Filippo is also a co-founding member of artist group IOCOSE, whose work deals with our narratives around the future, and the way they are constantly renegotiated. Their work has been exhibited in places such as Tate Modern, Science Gallery, Jeu De Paume, and Venice Art Biennal.

An avid music lover and seasoned traveler, he’s often spotted on airplanes and dance-floors.