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Lisa Tan

Founder and economist at Economics Design

Lisa Tan is a deconstructor of economics, cryptoassets and cryptosystems. She comes from an economics background and sees huge potential to bridge the gap between traditional economics and the blockchain world.

As the founder Economics Design, Lisa has been working with projects in the various industries including healthcare, fintech, entertainment and new media, to name a few. More specifically, she has been researching and building the world’s first token economics framework. The framework includes a cross-pollination of disciplines from economics, law, engineering and complex systems to behavioural psychology, social science and philosophy. 

Running workshops and education seminars in London, Singapore, Geneva, Seoul, Kuala Lumpur, Lisa has focused on educating participants from programmers to entrepreneurs and investors. 87.5% satisfaction rate in the past participants shows the quality that she brings. As the member of the DLT standards by the United Nations (via International Telecommunication Union), she also plays an active role in educating experts on token economics. 

Lisa now pours her passion for economics into designing, teaching and showcasing the true capabilities of solid underlying economic and incentivisation models to build scalable and sustainable token economy and networks.