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Luca Ecari

President of the non-profit Crypto World Zug Association

Entrepreneurial by Nature and Communications Enthusiast, Luca Ecari’s work focus is on facilitating the essential collaboration across the boundaries of sectors, departmental silos and any kind of boundary.
Luca is an expert in Start-Up and Corporate corss-sector and –functional management. He lives on his responsibility to provide the necessary support to talent, to unlock their potential while growing as an individual, to be adequately trained and foster Diversity and Inclusion at all levels but to also build the necessary capabilities and skills, while creating new opportunities for growth. Luca believes in “Leading by example and that the People are the most important asset for and Organization. Only leveraging the best skills, competences and knowledge our organizations can offer, can we build new capabilities, business value and talent pipeline."
He’s member of the Meet@Torino Mentoring program of the Turin Chamber of Commerce, and Organizer and Coordinator of the non-profit Crypto World Zug Association, with 400+ Meetup members and Conferences in the Crypto Valley. He’s a firm believer in volunteering and continuous education and cultivates applied studies in Innovation, Communication Science, Digital Transformation, Data Science, Technology and Entrepreneurship.
His favorite quote is: “Be the change you want to see in the world."