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Experience Module, Ivrea heritage, Olivetti, Selva d'Ivrea, Canavese, UNESCO heritage

The Experience Module, a guided visit of the Olivetti’s Heritage

We are proud of Ivrea heritage, a unique place in the world that we want to make a new point of reference. Indeed, the city has always been at the frontier of innovation and has been able to combine it with the social and cultural needs of its inhabitants: roads that were developing in the rest of the world, in Ivrea already existed.
For this reason, an Experience Module will be present in each course to allow participants to enter the walls where the first typing machine was made, from which the Olivetti epic began. A guided tour of the UNESCO heritage enriched with small gastronomic pleasures to taste the Canavese cuisine.

Ivrea has always been a land of naturalistic, historical and artistic treasures, a corner of Piedmont that keeps castles, towers and ancient churches, or even the Morainic Amphitheater formed during the great glaciations, the Serra d'Ivrea and the five lakes close to the city.
But the Canavese also played the role of talent hub during modern and contemporary history. In particular, the epic of Camillo and Adriano Olivetti – and their industrial and socio-cultural project – profoundly transformed Ivrea between 1930s and 1960s into a national alternative to the international experiences of the 20th century, a flagship all over the world.
Ivrea is an extraordinary example of a syneresis between history and modernity, industry and the countryside, innovation and tradition; opposite terms that have had a harmonious and balanced development, culminating in the nomination of the city as a UNESCO heritage site in 2018, as Ivrea, Industrial City of the 20th Century.
In it, Olivetti's factory culture and the experience of the Community Movement have involved architects and urban planners from all over Italy to design the city in a far-sighted manner and coping with what was best for its inhabitants: from industrial buildings to those for services, up to the residences for workers and schools for their children. Artifacts that materialize the culture and thought of Adriano Olivetti, a union between the new expressive capacity of these modern architectures and the recognition of their being part of an economic and social project permeated by the community proposal.

This is why ICO Academy sinks its roots in Ivrea, drawing from it the tradition of brilliance, industriousness and savoir-faire and updating it without breaking with the past. A transposition in our contemporaneity that takes place transversally to the themes of Technology, Innovation, Design, Culture, Welfare and Social Issues and that uses the Experience Module to make the city a showcase to admire and from which to draw inspiration to lay the foundations of the future.
Nietzsche said he had to be conscious of the past and consciously forget it to build the future. An idea that perfectly summarizes the objective of the Experience Module: to make known what has made Ivrea unique in its genre so that we can create a well-founded, better, shared future.