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ICO Academy is born

Today ICONA Srl launches ICO Academy, which will have the training spaces inside the ex Olivetti factories in via Jervis 9-11, in Ivrea.

Training, knowledge as the first initiative to gather the best talents in Ivrea and accompany them on their development and growth path; so that they can soon have their positive impact on society.

For this project ICONA has selected two important international partners: the Copenhagen Interaction Institute of Design (CIID), an international hub of creative minds, and the Taras Capital, the area now recognized as the center of reference competence in Europe on the topic of Blockchain.

The first two courses will be held on 13th February 2020 regarding the Blockchain Hashcamp with the Taras Capital and on 4-5-6th March 2020 the workshop entitled Forecasting The Future in collaboration with CIID.

Each course also includes a direct experience of Olivetti places, through the story of architecture and the great entrepreneurial epic of Adriano Olivetti.

"ICO Academy was created with the aim of addressing a national audience, promoting themes that intercept the great new trends in the fields of Innovation, Technology, Design and Social Issues. In this way we try to bring the Factories back to the role that not only belongs to them, but that they have held for many decades," says Andrea Ardissone, President of ICONA Srl. “And this piece is added to the others already activated such as hospitality at the Technological Museum, the future settlement of the UNESCO Visitor Center, the entrance of Wind and the company restaurant into the spaces of the third extension. The program also develops better than we could have expected, so we are very optimistic for the near future.”