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ICONA and ComoNExT – Innovation Hub have signed a partnership for the ex Olivetti Factories Regeneration Plan in via Jervis

ICONA and ComoNExT – Innovation Hub have signed a partnership for the ex Olivetti Factories Regeneration Plan in via Jervis

Within the Innovation Hub, on an area of 15,000 square meters, 80 companies will settle and employ 500 workers


Ivrea, 20 January 2020ICONA, grouping of eighteen subjects expression of the Eporedian productive and social fabric, in collaboration with Confindustria Canavese, has carried out a feasibility study for the installation of a technological centre at the ex Olivetti Factories to intercept the research, development and innovation needs of local businesses.

The consortium wanted to share the vision and dream of bringing Olivetti’s industrial heritage back to the role of international reference in the field of innovation and social responsibility, in the deep belief that the symbolic and practical value of the Factory and the entrepreneurial thought represented by Olivetti’s experience cannot be lost.

To achieve this objective, ICONA has purchased the ex Olivetti Factories complex overlooking via Jervis and has launched an extensive Regeneration Plan with the aim of promoting the establishment of new high-technological production activities and to bring Ivrea back into a path of development and innovation. In this perspective, ICONA has chosen to avail itself of the support of one of the most important innovation hubs developed on the national territory, ComoNExT: Digital Innovation Hub and MiSE certified Startup Incubator, born in 2010 in Lomazzo (Co).

In particular, ComoNExT has created and developed a business model that gathers the skills present within it (today 130 innovative companies belonging to different sectors) in order to involve technological and digital transfer to companies that have developed the need to innovate.

Based on the experience of ComoNExT, in a partnership relationship, ICONA intends to direct an economic and social development project also in the Canavese area. The analysis focused on the evaluation of some elements considered strategic in the planning of local development actions: the territory, the business system, local mobility, human and social capital, the ability to attract investments. Through interviews with local stakeholders, an attempt has been made to stimulate the degree of willingness to support a change in terms of innovation.

From the research it is clear that the Canavese inherits and expresses a propensity to innovation and that it wishes to awaken after a period of quiescence. In this direction, the relationship with ComoNExT can be a winning path focusing attention on the characteristics of the reference territory. The need for an innovation ‘catalyst’ involving all the main territorial stakeholders is felt and shared by all and the Ivrea project is perceived as a valid opportunity and as an appropriate tool to guide the strategic development process of the territory.

‘We want the initiatives inside Officine ICO to have concrete efforts on the territory. The project with ComoNExT has all the characteristics to be an accelerator of the development of our SMEs. The dialogue with all stakeholders continues fruitful and we wish to achieve their maximum involvement, and only with a systematic action we can get ambitious results. ICONA is ready to play its role as a catalyst for positive energies and transform them into concrete actions, which is the goal for which our members have set up it.’ the President at ICONA Andrea Ardissone affirmed.

Announcing the operation, Stefano Soliano Senior Manager at ComoNEXT – Innovation Hub said:

‘We are proud to forge this new partnership with ICONA, becoming an active part of a project for the rebirth of a place today a UNESCO heritage site and of a territory of extraordinary historical and cultural value thanks to the Olivetti experience. The objective of this agreement is to make that pole a hub of enterprises devoted to innovation according to the principles of the civil economy of which both ICONA and ComoNExT are heralds: a hub able to attract innovation and then return it to the territory starting from the success the initiative has had in Lomazzo.’

‘Creating a technological hub in Ivrea based on the Como model is a truly exciting challenge. Today innovation is the main way to achieve goals of growth and success: being able to count on a valid and effective accompaniment along a path of innovation and development can mean a lot for a company. The birth of the new hub can only bring benefits to our economic system and can contribute in a concrete and effective way and to give further impetus to the Canavese.’ Patrizia Paglia, President at Confindustria Canavese, commented.

The italian press release here.

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