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  • Olivetti's Red Bricks Factory
    Startup, art and social. Olivetti’s dream is reborn

    A consortium of local entrepreneurs bought the factory where the first PCs were born. They will relaunch it through the Icona project. The target? Bringing innovators back to town
    by Jacopo Ricca

  • Experience Module, Ivrea heritage, Olivetti, Selva d'Ivrea, Canavese, UNESCO heritage
    The Experience Module, a guided visit of the Olivetti’s Heritage

    We are proud of Ivrea heritage, a unique place in the world that we want to make a new point of reference. Indeed, the city has always been at the frontier of innovation and has been able to combine it with the social and cultural needs of its inhabitants: roads that were developing in the rest of the world, in Ivrea already existed.

  • We believe in the revolutionary virtue of knowledge that gives humans their true power
    ICO Academy is born

    Today ICONA Srl launches ICO Academy, which will have the training spaces inside the ex Olivetti factories in via Jervis 9-11, in Ivrea.

    Training, knowledge as the first initiative to gather the best talents in Ivrea and accompany them on their development and growth path; so that they can soon have their positive impact on society.

  • Red Bricks Factory in Ivrea, part of the Olivetti's heritage
    The Return of the Factories

    If the future attends Ivrea, then the ex Olivetti Factories and ICO Academy are his home.

    The Olivetti experience of the 1950s has often been interpreted as an anticipation of the future, like a story that happened too soon. The future has often attended Ivrea, through Camillo and Adriano and also through more recent initiatives (Interaction Design Institute, Arduino).