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Red Bricks Factory in Ivrea, part of the Olivetti's heritage

The Return of the Factories

If the future attends Ivrea, then the ex Olivetti Factories and ICO Academy are his home.

The Olivetti experience of the 1950s has often been interpreted as an anticipation of the future, like a story that happened too soon. The future has often attended Ivrea, through Camillo and Adriano and also through more recent initiatives (Interaction Design Institute, Arduino).

A territory used to looking ahead, to propose new readings of not only economic and productive challenges but also social ones, is a candidate to return to occupy its role and be an international reference on innovation issues.

For this reason, ICONA Srl has taken on the commitment of 18 entrepreneurs and, after having acquired 45,000 square meters of the ex Olivetti Factories, is now focused on the realization of its Regeneration Plan. The pieces to be aligned are many, fully in the Olivetti heritage: Technology, Innovation, Design, Culture, Welfare, Social Issues.

Many of these are already immovable pillars of the regeneration project, the others are being established thanks to many operators dragged by the enthusiasm and the motivation that the topicality of Adriano Olivetti's vision is able to unleash.

2020 will be an important year, which will see ICONA always committed to bringing Ivrea and its history (recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site) to the attention of the world, and Adriano's model in the lived reality of its ancient Factories.