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Taras Capital

Taras Capital

Taras Capital is a global Digital Asset Management Firm with the aim to bring together Entrepreneurial and Digital Asset Management expertise, and provides fully automated Systematic Trading for Digital Asset Portfolios.

Taras Capital caters to crypto-blockchain companies, funds and High Net Worth Individuals. Its approach is to believe in data and testing, and to find an equilibrium through a highly unpredictable market: it trades in medium frequency and hedge portfolio against adverse volatility events, minimize risks and maximize alpha for its clients by crafting and executing multifaceted strategies backed by data and long-standing knowledge in the field. Indeed, the company uses mathematical frameworks and data to determine macro and micro market cycles in the crypto space and the forces driving them. Based on this, Taras Capital invests throughout different life cycles, employing long-, medium-, and short-term strategies.

The firm is Swiss regulated and based in Zürich, and Delhi.



An immersive experience in Blockchain domains and their applications in industries and businesses with Taras Capital